The path of Peace and Understanding

I watch your live stream yesterday and I was so grateful to see women on the path of peace and understanding that we are not against people but against challenge that do not serve the whole to make positive change to serve all human beings and not a particular race and class. That we must seek change with non-violent communication. That some people do not understand this but that we must be the frequencies holders of peace. I am so grateful to see a group of women understanding this. We will rise about this and to know this has been happening since the beginning of time. I, as a white woman have been ignorant and asleep within my own trauma. I am waking up, healing my trauma. I think ,more white woman are awaking and realizing that we have not been truly there for women and children of color. I didn’t realize the mass incarceration. You have voice to share your pain and we need to hear it, mindfully.  We are all just victims raise by victims from one generation to the next. But we as adults now are responsible to learn and understand from the heart to help make true change for all humans. Blessing and


Marie Monn